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"In the process of selling our home, Cid's experience and approach were invaluable. A former science teacher, he brought a very intelligent analytical, scientific, and mathematical strategy to selling our house. He predicted, with amazing accuracy, what our house would sell for in the current market. We didn't sit on the market, making desperate price reductions and waiting to see if we could move forward with our own buying plans. Cid's knowledge and preparation ensured that we sold our house quickly for a fair price, and there were no surprises.

When we bought our new house, Cid's assessment told us that we were paying too much, and sure enough, the mortgage company's assessment matched--exactly--Cid's valuation. Though we were willing to overpay because the house met every one of our criteria and had an increased value specific to our desires, Cid's guidance prevented us from wasting unnecessary dollars.
Working with Cid, we sold our house quickly for the right price. When it came time to buy, partnering with Cid saved us thousands of dollars, and we ended up in the perfect house. Whenever I have a friend interested in buying or selling a house, I don't hesitate to pass Cid's name along because I know he's a reliable and valuable asset in buying or selling a home."

- Tim Bailey

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